Electronic Supplement to Atkinson, G. M. and D. M. Boore (2006). Earthquake Ground-Motion Prediction Equations for Eastern North America, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am. 96

A comma delimited ascii file of the ENA horizontal-component 5 percent damped pseudo-acceleration response spectra database for hard-rock sites can be obtained by clicking here and either opening the file in Excel or saving the file.

The first row contains the H/V ratios used to convert vertical-component data (Z) to equivalent horizontal where required.

The fields in the second row are date, moment magnitude, closest distance to fault (approx.), the oscillator frequencies for the data contained in subsequent rows, a flag (ic), the station code when available (UNK where unknown), and the component (Z = vertical, E=east, N=north, L=longitudinal, T=transverse, H1, H2 are horizontal of unknown orientation, UNK=unknown)).

The rest of the rows contain values for each earthquake/station pair. The values are in log cgs units.

Records denoted ic=1 have some clipping that make high frequencies (>5Hz), PGA, PGV unreliable.

Bhuj, India data interpolated from site-corrected seismoscope data of Cramer and Kumar (2003).