Electronic Supplement to
Empirical Improvements for Estimating Earthquake Response Spectra with Random-Vibration Theory

by David M. Boore and Eric M. Thompson

This Electronic Supplement contains links to files used by the SMSIM software in simulating the ground motions for the various cases discussed in the text. In addition, a table is given with information about the model used for each figure, and additional figures illustrating models not given in the text, for western North America, are provided. A table containing abbreviations used in this electronic supplement is also given (the abbreviations are also defined in the text).


The SMSIM parameter files (with "params" as the file extension) for the two ENA and two WNA models, as well as tables containing coefficients for equation (10) in the text, are in the zip file smsim_input_files.zip. The coefficients were derived from the ENA and the WNA SCF models with no low-cut filter. The files are in ascii format. The parameter files are for single corner frequency source spectra("SCF" in the file names) and double corner frequency source spectra ("AB95" and "AS00" in the file names) for ENA and WNA. All parameter files include the names for the files containing the BT12 coefficients for Drms (the particular set of coefficients or combination of coefficients is indicated by the last entry in the "!rv params:" parameters input line).

Shaded contour plots showing TD/RV ratios for two WNA models, with and without low-cut filtering (see Table S2).

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