Electronic Supplement to
Some revisions to parameters used in stochastic-method simulations of ground motion: durations and crustal amplifications

by David M. Boore and Eric M. Thompson

This Electronic Supplement contains links to files with the coefficients for evaluating DRMS (equation 11) in the main article for both ACR and SCR. The files also contain TD/RV ratios for peak acceleration and peak velocity. The coefficients and TD/RV ratios are given for a wide range of magnitudes (2 to 8) and distances (2 km to 1262 km). For an arbitrary distance and magnitude, log DRMS should be evaluated at the four adjacent M-R pairs, which should then be bilinearly interpolated. The same procedure is used to find TD/RV at the desired M and RPS.

This supplement also contains links to the SMSIM parameter files used in the various time domain (TD) and random vibration (RV) simulations used to derive the equation (11) coefficients, as well as to evaluate the performance of the coefficients for models not used in deriving the coefficients.

The files can be obtained by clicking on the colored text at the beginning of each entry.

Stable Continental (SCR) Files

SCR Coefficients

SMSIM Parameter Files for SCRs

Active Crustal Regions (ACR) Files

ACR Coefficients

SMSIM Parameter Files for ACRs

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